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Scott Hoover and his team will oversee every phase of financing including: acquisition, debt, equity, mezzanine and C-P.A.C.E.


Scott Hoover


Incorporated in 2017, HFE provides a complete capital solution for commercial and hospitality developers seeking ground-up and mid-construction financing. HFI is committed to a complete solution integrated with C-P.A.C.E financing to maximize the sponsor/developer’s leverage into the capital stack.


Originating in Mortgage Loans, Scott is a turndown specialist. He repackages the file. The lender needs to understand why the financing makes sense, and that is where he adds value to the clients he works with.


Private and hard money / construction loans / hotels / equity participation opportunities. Scott’s an outside of the box thinker – not your regular commercial lender.



  • Bachelor of Science and Marketing Degree,
    San Diego State University, CA (almost before invention of electricity)
  • 40 Years Real Estate Financing Experience
  • Over 30 Years Experience as a Mortgage Lender
  • Specializing in Ground-Up and Mid-Construction

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